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Description: The two-part of artists' books served as a visual extension of two works, one- the graduation work, and the second the work made for The Tales Of The Unseen. Part one aimed to depict research on belonging through mathematical calculations, mind maps, comparisons, letter exchanges, and other means. In the book, I illustrated some of the possible outcomes of leaving one's homeland. How in the state of homesickness one might feel. Leaving an open suggestion on the last page in dedicating a book to Gregor Samsa, a fictional character from Franz Kafka’s book Metamorphosis. 

In the second part of the book, which was made during a self-made residency in the rural side of Lithuania, I continued my investigation into belonging, this time from the perspective of village people who had never left their birthplaces. In the book, I analyzed their lives as an observer in comparison to my own, asking what it means to occupy a space and one's own body. The last page this time was dedicated to Mrs. Whymper, a fictional character who embodied a go-betweener from George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm. 

The volumes together constitute a narrative journey of my own experience as a voluntary emigre and the experiences I had in the little town when I returned home.

(Although the first edition of the book was handcrafted, I was supported by a small local printing company in the summer of 2020, who had the books printed as catalogs and distributed in 150 copies apiece.)

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