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Klaudija Ylaite

is a multidisciplinary artist who aspires to enter the field of art criticism, particularly focusing on avant-garde studies and the state of artist autonomy in neoliberal settings.


She is currently working on her master’s degree in Arts, Cognition, and Criticism at the University of Groningen, and continuing studio-based artistic practices. In her visual language, Ylaite’s attention is directed at representing innate human conditions, such as infantile amnesia and terminal lucidity.


Next to it, she also enjoys translating philosophical treatises into visual language, de-attaching words from their meanings, and creating multimedia environments fueled by imaginary symbolisms, performative actions, and video diaries.



2021- present - Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, NL (MA arts, cognition & criticism)

2016 - 2020 Academie Minerva Groningen, NL (BA Fine art)



Writer for Pitcairn Museum of Contemporary Art ( 

Co-organizer of DIHAN (Does It Have a Name) performance nights at Berger en de Vries bookstore 

Co-owner, Curator DIY gallery Pass Space




Child of Voluntary Exodus two-part books, Bookshelf program, Stichting ARTisBOOK, Groningen, NL 



Child of Voluntary Exodus two-part books, Antiquariaat Berger & De Vries, Groningen, NL

Particular State of Being, instalation (part of Jedidja Smalbil RESIDENCE BOX), Noorderlicht photo festival, Groningen, NL 

Child of Voluntary Exodus two-part books, The World We Live In festival, De Loods, Groningen, NL

De-constructing poetry, solo presentation, PassSpace, Groningen, NL

Child of Voluntary Exodus; part 1, group exhibition, ALLINN expo, HetHem, Zaandam, NL



Letters to my friend Eden, HetResort midseason’20, Tschumi pavilion, Groningen, NL

Child of Voluntary Exodus; part 2, Graduation show, Koepelzaal, Groningen, NL

Nocturnal Investigations, performance, Kaunas 2022 contemporary capital, Kaunas, LT

Un<..> Story, Stichting Artisbook, online performance

Farewell White Cubes, Homescreen: GRID #1, online exhibition 

Farewell White Cubes, group exhibition, Green Lights Expo, De Loods, Groningen, NL


Diagnosis: Oxymoron, group exhibition, Kunstwerk Droomwoonwensen, Groningen, NL

To Make A Sound, solo  performance,  ArtIsBookShop, Groningen, NL

Art of living, group exhibition, Academie Minerva, Groningen, NL




Measure the space, group exhibition, Academie Minerva, Groningen, NL




Untitled no 4, group exhibition, Oost, Groningen, NL




Being, performance, Planet Earth (ongoing)


Performative collaborations




MEGAMAMM, performance collaboration w/ Michiel Teeuw, Relate Radio, Groningen, NL




In Context, performance collaboration w/ Michiel Teeuw, ArtIsBookShop, Groningen, NL

Ich Brauche Liebe, performance (w/ Nina Wijnmaalen), Noorderzon, Groningen, NL

Ich Brauche Liebe, performance (w/ Nina Wijnmaalen), Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam, NL




Echo, performance (w/ Ingrid in der Maur), Academie Minerva, Groningen, NL




Dirt, performance (w/ Jennifer Zaharieva), Art it is, Buitenpost, NL

The child from the woman’s womb, performance, (w/ Jennifer Zaharieva), De Suiker Events, Groningen, NL

2019 March - Third Year Expo, Academie Minerva, Groningen, NL


Other activities




Camerawoman, documenting a performance of Jans Muskee exhibition, Kunstpunt, Groningen, NL

Camerawoman, livestream of SpredZine Festival, Sign, Groningen, NL

Co-creator and Co-founder PASS SPACE window gallery, Groningen, NL

Participator, the COLLECTIVE ( Kunsthuis SYB, VHDG & Noordernaars), Groningen, NL 

Intern, Amsterdam Publishers, Amsterdam, NL (




Curating  Tales of the Unseen, graduates exhibition, Academy Minerva, Groningen, NL

Curating Green Lights Expo, De Loods, Groningen, NL




Host, art event KuKuMa, EM2 venue, Groningen, NL

External advisor, 1st year Fine Art students, Academie Minerva, Groningen, NL

Performer, Nina Wijnmaalen (




Volunteer, FLAM’18, Amsterdam, NL (

Assistant,  Rose Akras 

Volunteer, MOMO Festival, Rotterdam, NL

Co-Host,  I Don’t Know series of happenings, Academie Minerva, NL






HetResort Midseason residency, Groningen, NL

Kunsthuis SYB 24 hours residency, Beetsterzwaag, NL






Lucht stipend, Kunstpunt Groningen




Publication of participation in  COLLECTIVE 


Publication of work at NOORDENAARS Northern: Artist in Space


Publication of work ALLINN catalog




Interview for HetResort channel



Article in Kunstspot for 2020 Fine Arts graduates 



Self-made publications (artist books)




 A Child Of Voluntary Exodus ( Part 1 and Part 2 ); sponsored by Didmena (LT) (edition of 150 copies)

‘Un<...> Process; or A <...> Project; or A <...> Story’ (edition of 10 copies)




Pretending To Be An Artist (edition of 10 copies)

Box Full Of Nonsense (single edition)

Three Word Poetry ( edition of 2 copies)

To Make A Sound (edition of 2 copies)

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