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Description: We, as social people tend to create peers and most of the time stick with it while socializing outside our comfort zones. Usually, we don’t see the loner wolves hanging over the corners, seeking any kind of connection. Moreover, we tend to stigmatize certain groups of individuals, be it alcoholics, drug addicts, mentally disabled people, former punks, hippies and etc. Those are visible but in some sense might come up repellent.

Thus, while writing prose, most of the time it happens in a social environment where I tend to become one of those wallpapers and secretly investigate mysterious lives of socially alienated personas. Question myself about who they used to be, where are they coming from, and what is their purpose. Afterward, when a story is finished, I give it to them, as a sign of accepting their way of being.

This specific story ended up us becoming acquaintances, where Jeen thanked me for showing his presence is noticeable.

A month later, back in my home city, I was invited to read the poem at the poetry reading session which was part of an initiation of Fluxus street events. 

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