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Description: The act of gratitude is fully opened up to the entirety of human experience — both positive and negative. It is a repetitive meditation on balance, on complexity, on the Yin and Yang on living a life. Embracing — but also concentrating — the traditional “thank you” note with a crowded hand-written phrases on manuscript, the piece thanks dozens and dozens of things both concrete and abstract. “Language,” “feminism,” “oligarchy,” “haters,” “neighbors,” “coffee”— and a multitude of other things —are listed in a paean to the myriad experiences of everyday reality. The philosophy of Thank You is the expression of gratitude for all of life, not just the parts we think are good for us — or with which we agree. The act of understanding the negative, of recognizing its role in teaching or confronting us, is fully embraced.

written by Peter Letzelter-Smith

Media: performance for a video

Duration: 23 minutes

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