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Description: Since November 2019 I have moved places and became a part of the Oude RKZ community. A wish of getting to know the oldest inhabitants of the building led me in meeting peculiar personas. This project was about a man with which for a period of a month I involved myself in activities a person possessed. While attempting to live in accordance with his way of living I would schedule interview sessions where he would tell me about his past, his difficulties with drug addiction, his separation from family, and his intentions toward the future. After a collision with this individual, I started to make an investigative artist book in which my aim was to reveal our intimate conversations. Unfortunately, after the project was about to end a man asked me to make a declaration of consent which stated I was no longer able to publicize certain parts of the interviews. Thus, in order to find a way of sharing this connection the book became a scrapbook where parts that were no longer wished to be revealed were cut out. Accordingly, the project became no longer in sharing the story with the public but a friendship we had established, me listening to his unheard stories and him - sharing his deepest fears, desires, and experiences.

During Corona lockdown,StichtingArtIsBook invited me to share this story in a performative way. Here I impersonated a detective reporting a case to the person on the other side of a phone line. Carefully opening each envelope with scattered text and reading only the parts I was allowed to in accordance with the declaration.

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