"Perception: LOVER", performance for video, triptych, 1 minute 27 seconds, 2018, Groningen, The Netherlands
"Perception: ENEMY", performance for video, triptych, 1minute 21 seconds, 2018, Groningen, The Netherlands
"Perception: ARTIST", performance for video, triptych, 1 minute 19 seconds, 2018, Groningen, The Netherlands

The video triptych Perception presents the seeming futility of bringing human language-based concepts of interaction and communication to the non-human natural world.

It is inspired in part by the theoretical work of French psychoanalyst and psychiatrist Jacques Lacan, whose triptych of “elementary registers” were “the symbolic, the imaginary, and the real.” The piece starkly brings the conceptual power of words into direct contact with a living thing — a tree — that cannot perceive what is so elementarily powerful to the human experience.

The three distinct videos, all framed with the same perspective and lighting, center on the words “Lover,” “Enemy,” and “Artist.” Emotions and physical acts associated with these powerful human concepts are expressed towards a single tree, a stand-in for the vast reality of the majority of existence that is separate and immune from human language — while expressing the power language holds over us.