"Letters to my friend Eden" - mixed media installation, part of Het Resort midseason'20 program, Tschumi pavilion, Groningen, NL

Midseason project, tschumipaviljoen, Kla

Photo by Nathalie Schram

While researching the concept of what is perceived as a public space, my research brought a question, who owns public space. More particularly, who inhabits a space that in some sense is perceived as a free area where the public meets. Noticing unwritten moral rules how an individual should behave in between others brought up awareness to a group of people who in some sense do not fit upon agreed structures of a public space. Those were the homeless. Involuntarily placed upon a condition to obstruct accepted fluctuations of open spaces. Seeking shelter, slinking unnoticed under the Tschumi pavilion. Taking wakeful rest and setting out in search for another open sanctuary. 

Having an opportunity to tackle upon public space, a desire was to create an environment for a passerby to take rest, more to step into a bum's shoes. Unfortunately this was not accepted. Thus, instead of providing an experience for the other, one evening I have placed myself as a vagrant under the Tschumi pavilion. An action became a voluntary disruption of an open space. Being completely exposed yet unnoticed, having comfort yet being alert every second. 

An urge to bring turmoil into an area of Heresingel was taken over by feelings it has caused me while staying in a position of a bum.