white cubes !

In January 2020, the notion of chance had brought me to destroy my own project. I gave myself the possibility to experience what it is to let life be decided by the flip of a coin. John Cage claimed that the chance method allows for a space free from intentionality and invites a closer connection with our pre-intentional nature. While living according to the decisions made by a coin, I have discovered

a few peculiarities present within the chance method. To begin with, having no possibility to choose in any immediate sense, did leave me with a number of undefinable unintentional outcomes. Nevertheless, choosing which decisions should be made by chance allowed me to still nurture some sort of intention. Thus, even though I left some decisions for chance, I had power in deciding which decisions I shall give to the consideration of the coin. This made me question how much chance actually played a role, and how much freedom from my own intentions I had. To challenge this questioning, on January 31st, while developing an extensive project, I flipped a coin for deciding whether the project should be destroyed. The coin said yes. Thus, I have destroyed what was already developed within the project. In retrospect, this experience has given me a realization that one’s own intentions can challenge oneself, an awareness that one’s own intentional stance upon the infinite possibilities can manifest its existence in the world.


 video installation, looped, 2020, Green Lights, De Loods, Groningen, The Netherlands