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Description:  Both an artist’s statement and personal manifesto, Confession is a declaration of intent to move from the comfortable — in this case working in a medium, painting, that the artist was well accustomed to — to the uncomfortable. This transition is made in order to challenge the established parameters of her art that the artist had constructed for herself. By delving into performance and conceptual art as an act of rebellion against the self, she sheds her previous creative skin in search of new beginnings.

An extended self-interview on video, Confession explores trauma, revelation, shame, and questions the whole point of making art the focus of one’s life. The pivot of artist experience is transitioning from her bearing witness to the traumas and insecurities of others to being the direct conveyer of her own raw and poignant experiences — which will be the core of what she shares with her audience.

A common journey for many artists, it is a therapeutic embrace in self-discovery and exploration. A manifesto of self-discovery.

written by Peter Letzelter-Smith

Media: performance for a video

Duration: 30 minutes

Exhibited: Academy Minerva, Groningen, NL

In collaboration with Angelos Messios 

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