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The past - what has happened, present - where is it now, future - where things will go. In attempts to place myself within the spectrum of time and for a moment find a settlement brought back memories of being an innocent child. The point of view where the purpose of existence contained simplicity and careless attitude. Reminiscing the past while contemplating the present moment lead me in making contact with a little brother. The bridge was built in regards to asking to send video footage of the places his sister missed on. In between the sent footage, there was one accidental video capturing his little feet swinging on the swings. This work was an attempt to collide a fragmentation of time, to connect with the past that was left behind and the future that will be left conditionally unknown. The present moment- where a child once swung on the swings in the meads.

a child of voluntary exodus 

Graduation installation.png

"A Child of Voluntary Exodus - bridge, video installation, 2020, Academy Minerva, Groningen, The Netherlands


"A Child of Voluntary Exodus - bridge, video installation, 2021, ALLINN, HetHem, Amsterdam, The Netherlands