"A Child of Voluntary Exodus; Part 2., video installation, 2020, Academy Minerva, Groningen, The Netherlands

<...> Barns have more to say, more to whisper, 

the deepest secrets no human can decipher. 

The skin is brighter, the sun is further away in the horizon, and the fields are free to run, jump, fall, swirl, collapse, shout, cry, laugh, die, resurrect, live again. 

I asked today how come you ended up this way, 

she was more than pleased to tell how blessed her childhood was. See, I never wanted to leave for 

the upheaval of my youth, instead I stayed here, 

in the fields, where I was born and will die one day soon, she speaks with confidence in her tone. 

Thus she never entered the bustling city, never saw a homeless bum, nor the lights shining from the bars when late at nights desperate souls drink their sorrows away. 

She never left. 

Telling tales of a city life they can only produce a laugh louder than the squabbler shout. 

Lady, you should reside, follow us. You breathe the meadows, your feet, your arms, your back, your neck, every vein pulsates the urge to remain with us. I recognize these phrases, they keep on praying onto me, begging to join the bygone path. <...>