"Personality Test", extract from an experiment , 2018, Groningen, The Netherlands


ʻCase Reportʻ, 21 x 29,7 cm hardcover book, 2018, Groningen, The Netherlands

In Case Report, the Rorschach test process is turned on its head. Instead of images being quickly interpreted with stream-of-consciousness descriptions, words are instead introduced by the industrially protected hands of the protagonist, who lays down a word. Immediately thereafter a larger piece of paper is offered.

Then the artist’s hands immediately begins to interpret the word, slashing bold strokes of primal ink with her fingers onto the white paper.

By flipping the familiar order of things, artist questions the assumed authority of the individual who is expected to be in control of this common psychological test: the state-sanctioned arbiter of sanity, the possessor of a higher degree in psychology. In opposition, the individual who must “pass” or “fail” such a test is expected to perform within acceptable societal parameters — while perhaps suppressing the imagination inherent in both mental disturbance and the creative act. The playful exchange taps into the commonality of the imaginative impulse in the face of questions.

The brushstrokes of Case Report are reminiscent of Chinese calligraphy — confident and powerful. But there is also a modernist whimsy to the minimalist response when a word like “pig” inspires only a concise, red (bloody?) dot naked on the page.