'Box Full Of Nonsense', hardcover book with a carton box, 210 pages, 2019, Groningen, The Netherlands

" Wow this dictionary saved me once in a gallery where the exhibition was about white paintings. With this dictionary I was able to feel comfortable with not understanding it" - Magdalene, 36, New York, USA

"Box Full of Nonsense is now my everyday book to an art  museums!"

Terry, 34, Vienna, Austria

"I am so glad somebody thought about the general public, now I am able to comprehend all kinds of arts! Thank you!" - Caroline, 50, Leipzig, Germany

"This is a total waste of money, it does not explain anything! I am deeply disappointed, I don't think the creator was aware of the use of this stupid dictionary!" -  Anonymous 

"Totally recommend it for a frequent visitors of an art galleries, with this dictionary you not only perceive but as well as finally understand what are you seeing" - Thomas, 20, Barcelona, Spain