Berger & de Vries - in context

Having an opportunity to perform at the ArtIsBook Shop at the event under the topic of ‘context’ we have taken up to question how well-contextualized works of art can define

a work of art. Thus creating fictional characters, gallery curators, we gave a guided tour through the space of a bookstore. The audience was introduced to the maintenance tools, domestic purpose holding objects, unfinished construction works, dismantled furniture as works of art. Each work of art was made by a fictional artist, we, curators decided to invite. Next to the tour, a spectator was given a booklet with in-depth descriptions of the artworks they had seen on the tour.


performance collaboration w/ Michiel Teeuw, part of DIHAN  Context, ArtIsBookShop, 2019 Groningen, The Netherlands


the booklet as part of a performance collaboration w/ Michiel Teeuw, 12 pages, ArtIsBookShop, 2019 Groningen,  The Netherlands