While participating in a 24 hour residency at Kunsthuis SYB I decided to take this experience in getting to know the monumental building SYB is located in. Within it there was a short poem hanging at the kitchen closet door, telling a story of a building as if impersonating a human being. Her name was Josephina, she was born a century ago, she used to bake bread and shared it with the inhabitants of Beetsterzwaag commune. Suddenly my memory carried me back to the place of my own Josephina. It was a house in the middle of the fields, thus I went to explore the fields and forests surrounding Beetsterzwaag village, later bringing back buttercups from the meadows to SYB building and reenacting a ritual of the inhabitants of my own Josephina building. Cleansing face with milk and a mixture of field flowers in order to show my gratitude towards hoary places.


stages of production

video, 8 minutes 12 seconds, 2020, Kunsthuis SYB, Beetsterzwaag, The Netherlands

I loved Venice and Venice loved me

November 15th Venice Metropolitan city had reached a second highest tide ( Acqua alta) in its history. At this very moment Venice Biennale 2019 'May We Live In Interesting Times' was taking place. A night before the tide I have purchased a pair of fisher boots, in order for the next morning to reach the pavilions of Biennale. The water in the canals is filled with blue algae, which is believed could possibly cause humans severe skin irritation or diarrhoea. At the end I have reached Giardini della Biennale that day, unfortunately it was closed. Luckily had no side effects from the water. 

video, 54 seconds, 2020, Venice, Italy


 action for a video, 4 minutes 59 seconds, 2019, Groningen, The Netherlands

The notion of being connected and coming from/within the nature had inspired me to take a step in impersonating my body as a plant. While living in a concrete jungle the importance of connection with a pure soil becomes in some ways a magical ritual.  Thus, this became an action piece where main tools were taken to one of the cities man built parks and I, being a plant, had planted myself into the ground. 

Thank you for trusting me, dear friend.


In front of you are lying onions, please pick one.

Now imagine, this onion represents your social layers. 

The onion is you. Think of how you usually present yourself to others. How do you see yourself. What do others see in you.

Start unfolding each layer of the onion loudly saying what part of your own

social layer you are taking away. 

Repeat it, until the onion will be left only with the core.

Try to identify onions core with your own self core. 

What is left? If you want to take off more layers, take another onion and do the same procedure.

Don’t rush, take time, see yourself.

onion study


 video installation, 2019, Groningen, The Netherlands

am I

an art


 action for a video, 2 minutes, 39 seconds, 2019, Groningen, The Netherlands

Questioning the value of artefacts, art objects and other relevant connections with the general concept of what is known to be art. Bringing awareness towards the capitalisation of artistic practice where an individual stands on thresholds in valuing its own practices.  

The act of gratitude is fully opened up to the entirety of human experience — both positive and negative. It is a repetitive meditation on balance, on complexity, on the Yin and Yang on living a life.

Embracing — but also concentrating — the traditional “thank you” note with a crowded hand-written phrases on manuscript, the piece thanks dozens and dozens of things both concrete and abstract. “Language,” “feminism,” “oligarchy,” “haters,” “neighbours,” “coffee”— and a multitude of other things —are listed in a paean to the myriad experiences of everyday reality.

The philosophy of Thank You is the expression of gratitude for all of life, not just the parts we think are good for us — or with which we agree. The act of understanding the negative, of recognising its role in teaching or confronting us, is fully embraced.



 action for a video, 22 minutes, 32 seconds, 2019, Groningen, The Netherlands



an inspiration

Searching for an inspiration, or a connection in a bustling shopping street of Groningen. In order to avoid window shop advertisements and distractions, I am in search of inspiration blindfolded.  

 action for a video, 10 minutes, 16 seconds, 2019, Groningen, The Netherlands

 action for a video, 12 minutes, 12 seconds, 2019, Groningen, The Netherlands


A response to Roi Vaara’s short video “Artist Dilemma” (1997) where an artist is standing in the middle of choosing between life and art while not being able to make a choice. In the case of my response to the video, my body gets tangled in between two poles of choices ( the tree at the left and the tree at the right ). The purpose of giving a response is to showcase intertanglements while choosing.